I think it’s only after you become a parent that you realize how precious life is.
Before having a little human to care for, you have all the time in the world. And all to yourself!

Little people are definitely allot of hard work. And it’s constant.
With that said, you really can’t imagine your life without them. You pray for them to go to sleep, and when their asleep, you can’t wait for them to wake up.

I resigned my previous job to pursue a dream that I loved and enjoyed. Also with the idea of starting a family.
3 Month later this little guy was on his way. Luckily that didn’t stop a dream, but fueled more creative ideas and challenges.
Looking back on a year or two back, every choice made was perfectly timed.

I love capturing everyday moments of this little guy. Within a week, he’s already changed.


  1. Jannie Conradie

    Wat ‘n ongelooflike website. Het nog nie so in detail bekyk nie. Jy kan trots wees op die werk.


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