Fun facts about me

  • I recently became a mother of a gorgeous little boy.
  • I’m a bit of a neatness freak.
  • I’m a total movie buff!! Ask me any movie related question, and I’ll have the answer.
  • We adopted a rescue dog in 2015 who just loves her new pack. She’s an absolute mix who doesn’t fit into any dog category.
  • Love to diy. Our house was a total fixer-upper, which we took on without any experience. After a few years, splinters, a few cases of wine and a one or two dodgy paint jobs our house has become our home.

Why I love what I do

  • Photography keeps me on my creative toes
  • Every photo you take is a piece of art. So much choice goes into the settings of each photo. And every photographer sees something different.
  • Being able to capture a moment that you can’t put into words
  • Making someone happy by capturing people or special moments in their lives

Now that you know a little more about me, let’s get acquainted so I can hear all about your special day and I can start sharing your excitement.